Types of visas

Types of visas

Types of visas

It is one of the most common and most demanded types of visas, and as its name suggests, it is issued to tourists in different ways for short-term travel in the destination country.
Methods of issuing tourist visas
Visiting the embassy in person:
On arrival visa:
Visa free:

Visa-free countries are countries that do not require a visa for tourist trips. For example, a memorandum of understanding was signed between the two countries of Iran and Turkey in previous years, according to which the citizens of these two countries do not need to obtain visas to enter each other’s territory.

Tourist visa is a type of short-term (temporary) visa and is issued as a single entry or single visa. This means that the visa holder will only be allowed to stay in the destination country during its validity period. The validity period is also different for different countries. The most important point in this regard is to leave the destination country when the visa expires; Because it is considered illegal to stay even one day longer than the appointed time.

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Types of visas
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